As a Bio-machine that is based on a kinematics that perfectly mimics the motion of Hummingbird wings, TYER wind turns out to be a highly efficient wind convertor. It is also an eco-friendly machine with a powerful potential of landscape integration.



TYER is a highly efficient wind converter as confirmed by our in-house tests. Such performance was made possible thanks to its revolutionary kinematics, its aerodynamics features (It generates work during both downstroke and upstroke) and its smaller swept area (as compared to other wind convertors)

Hummingbird’s Efficiency vs. Bladed Rotor.

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Tyer wind converter is able to convert the resultant force of the lift and the drag forces into work and has, therefore, limited level of drag at the structure. This has 2 major advantages: (1) Lower solicitation at the mast resulting in lower civil works costs, (2) Tyer wind converter can resist high wind velocity and therefore can generate higher energy output. On the other hand, and since the wings are based on an ocillating concept, Tyer converter generates limited vortex (as compared to that created by turbines) which would be tranquilized backwards quite quickly allowing a higher density of installed machines (in a wind farm).



TYER wind converter is a perfect illustration of Bio design that mimics Nature. The machine has a great landscape integration potential and limited visual impact. It is also bird friendly and could be adapted to any environment (rural or urban).